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The Coffee Table: 5 questions with Marta

24th September 2015

You may be familiar with the term “coffee table”.

THE coffee table.

My plausible definition of coffee table is low, long, classy, piece of furniture, normally found in fancy homes, ideal to rest beautifully designed objects and stylishly curated books – like the Chanel’s Little Black Jacket, for instance. This TSF’s new section, called The Coffee Table (#TCT) is style meets practical, curiosity meets coffee chats, ordinary meets extraordinary, in a quick leap into the life of “busylancers” from different industries.

Every episode is either video or words (sometimes, time and location permitting… both!) and features someone I think highly of, from whom we can all learn, taking 5 stylish questions. This week is my marvellous Marta, freelance translator, business strategist and tutor and one of my best friends, too. 

5 minutes, 5 questions for Marta Stelmaszak


For you, freelancing in style is…

Style can be quite an ambiguous term. We can do something in good style, in bad style, not in our style – you get my point. While I’m sure you’re asking about freelancing in good style, I think that my examples fit in very well with how I see it. Freelancing in style means being noticed, recognised and remembered. Of course it’s much more than just the quality of your work. If you’re a freelancer, style transpires through everything around your business because, essentially, you are your business.

Your essential item is…
I’m not going to be ground-breaking here and I’ll admit that my essential item is my iPhone. I can’t imagine a working day without it around and without the flexibility, convenience and confidence it gives me.

Your poison is…
Until a few weeks ago I’d say coffee, but I experimented with it and I was able to go on for one full day without drinking a single cup – does it count?

Summarise your life and style in 3 keywords.
Minimalism, purpose, patterns (seeing them in life, but avoiding them in style).

What topic would you like to read on TSF next?
I’d really like to see what you have to say on clothes and accessories that are essential for a freelancing woman to make the right impression. Maybe your own list of top 10?

So, this is my Marta.

Have a purpose, think essential and be remembered.

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