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3rd December 2015

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    #TSFWishList: a gift guide for yourself, loved ones & clients too

    3rd December 2015
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    So, it’s December. I’m not one of those who feels the festive vibe back at Halloween and being a lover of mild temperatures and not a fan of snow, well, Xmas is fine but not my favourite time of the year. Yet, I have come to reassess it, as in recent years it’s kind of the only period during which… I can actually get some well-deserved, forced-upon-me rest. Well, I know: rest for me is a far-away beach, a sun chair and a glossy magazine with a spa appointment booked and waiting for me… but in the lack of that, rest is anything that does not entail me being on a plane, going through interminably long and winded passport control queues or spend hours trying to sort out appointments in a Tetris-like fashion. Even just a day in the house – which I did just last Saturday, the first time in a long while – watching a TV series and answering no phone or emails is good these days! Yet, now far from the times when as a child, Xmas meant the whole family would gather for lunch on the 25th December and exchange presents and spend the day eating – yep, that’s the Italian way, people! – my idea of Xmas as a freelancer means I get a radio silence from most clients, who will make sure they panic just before Xmas Eve and want everything sorted the week before the New Year rings in.

    After that, it almost gets to a point where boredom kicks in – and I need to work again (I know, right!?)

    So, having said that, for freelancers, especially those who do not have a larger-than-life family to attend day in day out like me, ‘tis the season to plan for the new year. I’m going to do a NY’s resolutions post, no worries, but again, this is the perfect time to think and start getting things ticked off the to-do list diary.

    But first and foremost, it’s the time when I pause and have a look at my wish list for the year.

    Yes, I’ve got a wish list for extra curricular activities, holidays and work-related things but I also got one mainly about style and gadgets.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 20.49.28

    These are my own desires for this year – some have been already fulfilled (impatient me…), others remain pending:

    – a warm wrap for the colder days

    – a statement necklace for the festive vibe

    – the new iPhone 6s

    – a set of Pantone coffee cups (or any gadget from Pantone, really!)

    – a new scented candle

    – a small purse, possibly in red (you saw it last week’s post)

    – a pair of winter boots

    – the Hermès Apple Watch

    – a cocktail dress (see pic!)

    – a Swedish course – I got intrigued by it, by accident and I now I’m too curious!

    – a new cabin baggage

    – a new pair of ballerinas – my favourite are, guess what, Chanel – to use as a passepartout when I travel.

    But the tricky bit is… what to get as a present for a busy freelancer? My suggestions:

    – a new diary or notepad: Moleskine and even Louis Vuitton or Smythson- embossing. Fabriano also has lovely solutions, and Liberty has a wonderful stationery section.

    – a personal training session

    – a pen (or two!)

    – a mug never disappoints

    – sleeves of Nespresso capsules or tea bags! I love My cup of tea, their lemon and ginger is perfect.

    – a card holder: Paperchase is a safe bet, for more budget try Liberty.

    – a massage voucher! I am in love with Cowshed.

    – a Netflix subscription!

    – the iPad Pro

    – a subscription to the Economist

    – an iTunes voucher

    – an adult colouring book

    – a goodies hamper! My favourite places for that are Partridges’ and Fortnum & Mason, but also Carpo, for nuts galore.

    – a small A5 pad – I’ve got one from Fabriano.

    – a travel necessaire – Liberty has a great variety of models – on the pricey side. Try John Lewis.

    – a good ol’ book

    – a guide for the travel junkie  

    – a luggage tag – one from Momiji is what I’m using now.

    – a new pair of headphones – into cute stuff? Skull Candy is cool and fresh.

    – stationery – who does not love that?

    – a coffee table book: The Little Black Jacket by Chanel is of course on mine and also anything by The Sartorialist or the just-out-on-the-shelves by Garance Doré.

    – CPD or personal development course! Stay tuned for more info from yours truly

    – water bottle – mine is from bobble.

    – a suite of apps on the App Store or Google Play.

    – a poster: from the V&A, from We built this city or Bold and Noble

    – a museum subscription: I’m considering the V&A. And not only because it bears my initials.

    – a Kindle – or even a few books sent to someone’s iPad.

    – a personalised item from NOTHS

    – a gadget like an external charger

    – a set of vitamins and supplements – I am using Viridian and Poliquin.

    – toiletries minis: I am a sucker for those.

    gifts for book lovers

    And what about clients?

    Some of us like sending little presents to the best clients – and why not, it’s a pleasure to reward people who trusted in you. What could you go for without being OTT or inappropriate?

    – your branded material

    – a personalised Xmas card

    – chocolate! Never fails.

    – paying them a visit

    – a Spotify subscription

    – a calendar – a classic!

    – cake! Pandoro or panettone are safe bets.

    – a promo discount?

    – some wine?!

    – invitation to lunch, dinner or coffee to say thank you

    – a free demo of your services + canapés

    – offer to write for them or recommend them as testimonial

    The ideas are many and the imagination can run wild… what are you going to choose?

    Happy gifting!

    Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 22.13.37