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9th February 2016


    Wind of change: consultancy is coming!

    9th February 2016

    Caught off guard

    On the 2nd of July a new adventure started for me: I launched TSF and it’s been a great journey so far, with interesting personal challenges and mostly learning how to keep juggling life, work and… blogging. Yet, it’s been a journey that I enjoyed immensely. Since the inception of the project, I knew I wanted to offer more than a showcase of what I do and how I work. I wanted a dynamic peek on my freelancing life yet in a way that allowed me to give out tips and ideas to improve constantly who we are and how we work, to live in a proactive, hands-on way. So I thought ‘Why not’? I love helping others implement what I think suit them most, and ultimately, help them be a better functioning, more stylish version of themselves.

    That’s why – upon popular demand of friends and colleagues who trusted me – I envisaged a series of consultancy services, that can help freelancers find their style and voice with my help.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 08.30.17

    I am a bold person, but I have insecurities too! That’s why I road-tested some of my services and I’m excited to show them to you – a sneak peek will come soon! TSF will soon feature a section with all the services that you will be able to book.

    In the meantime, to celebrate this new chapter the I decided to host a small, cosy event and you’re all invited, plus 1s included 😀

    Save the date: 27th February, Pimlico, London at Dolphin Square.

    You’re in for a couple of hours of bubbles, macaroons and an overview of the new ideas and services that TSF is proud to now being able to offer.

    You are not in Ldn? No worries, the event is in-person and also online and there will be photos and other sharing of media.

    Just follow it on Twitter, Facebook and live on Periscope (details to follow) – the hashtag is #TSF2016.

    Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 08.32.08

    Sign up here on Eventbrite (choose Online or In Person ticket) and join the Facebook event on my page.

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