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#TSF2016: diary of Turin days

25th February 2016

Chiara and Barbara

Last week I was in Turin – you may have seen IG with some glimpses of the Mole and the blue sky that graced my weekend stay, perhaps. I have been there in secret – even though I did share some sneak peeks on SnapChat. I met two colleagues, Barbara and Chiara from Doppioverso and magic happened: they were the first clients of my newly launched services! They called for help, I came to the rescue. We saw, we bought, we conquered in a bit of a fashion and self-awareness pep talk mix, that lasted two days in their beloved adoptive city. If you’re not already attending in person, on Saturday 27th, log onto Periscope to see the event unfold, to watch the dynamic duo explain their experience with moi – and to know more of how the services work.

In the meantime, here some shots from our Turin days. Enjoy!

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