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28th April 2016

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    The TSF (where’s my) Spring Edit

    28th April 2016

    Busy bee: this year started big, with plenty of long-term commitments and even less free time in the day to write. I’ve been meaning to take a short break – but it ended up to be almost a month. I’ve travelled to Prague, Romania and Warsaw and more trips are coming. And the feeling I’ve got about this season is… that spring has not really sprung yet. Or at least, it has but intermittently – resulting in a crazy frozen-then-tropical-then-polar-then-monsoon-like climate that is driving most people mad 🙂

    The main issue all travellers + entrepreneurs – especially women! – is… what do I wear?

    This is my semi-spring edit, varied enough to make sure you can go from Icelandic temperatures to exotic sunshine climate in a breeze – sorry for the meteorological pun!

    Brands + info below.

    IMG_8358 IMG_8344 IMG_8318 IMG_8295 IMG_8280 IMG_8238 IMG_8225 IMG_8154 IMG_8142 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender FullSizeRenderIMG_8071 IMG_8044 IMG_7998 IMG_7932 IMG_7915 IMG_7900 IMG_7827 IMG_7826 IMG_7812 IMG_7786 IMG_7653 IMG_7589 IMG_7451 IMG_7381 IMG_7308 IMG_7284 IMG_7260 IMG_7242 IMG_7231

    Shoes: Louboutin, Valentino, M Gemi

    Eyeliner: Charlotte Tilbury

    Bottoms: Intimissimi

    Dresses: Club Monaco, Zara, Hoobs, LK Bennett, Vintage London, Sandro Ferrone

    Hat: Sandro Ferrone

    Bags: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, YSL

    White blazer: Zara – Stripey blazer: M&S

    Denim: Anine Bing

    Top and red blazer: The Kooples