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Be cool (literally) or: work it when it’s hot

25th August 2016

Here’s a mini post, just because. Enjoy!

I live in London – and have been working as a UK-based freelancer since the very beginning in 2006. While I grew accustomed to colder weather all-year round (not in winter but especially over the typically warmer months…) there’s the odd heat wave hitting the country. You would think the ‘hey she’s Italian, pizza mandolino hot climate yada yada yada’ rings true. Think again. Body and mind get used to different situations over time – evolution for you… – and while it can be harder for some who eventually never get to settle down, I grew increasingly intolerant to any temperature above 25-ish °C… #lame #notyounganymore

Travelling for a living and pretty much working even when people are on holiday, I get really affected by heat. We’re having a mini concentrate super quick summer this week in London – I’m blogging as you read on a balmy – to say the least – train right now. So – how do you stay cool (and not only fashion-wise) when you’re working?

My tips below – clearly not rocket science but they get me through.

  • DRINK. I can never say this one time too many. I like my San Pellegrino sparkling, please.
  • Neoven: a light gel for heavy legs. Essential.
  • Evian water: just spritz it everywhere.
  • Jurlique lavender hydrating mist or La Mer mist are a good idea too.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.06.03Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.29.32


  • DRINK. Again.
  • Wrists under water: basic but effective.
  • Travel smart: aim to travel outside the rush hour on public transport (yeah right). And dress with layers.
  • Scarf away – scarves and light shawls useful when your throat is exposed to oh-so-necessary air-con in the office (or train). Word of an interpreter.
  • DRINK.
  • Light dress code: see gallery. With sales on full swing up until last week, I actually had no excuse to find plenty of good options for the summer. and August has been treating us right. I opt for midi skirts, light camisoles or tops that can be smartened up with a blazer. No tights for me but I can overlook it – and I even used sandals. Viva l’estate, but with class.
  • Creamy but not too creamy – I declare myself a total fan of powder foundation and it does help when it’s hot but be careful of the cakey effect as it dries or smudge – yep, that’s possible too… I can’t do no-make days, but if you can, try a light tinted moisturiser.
  • Legs up, move up. Walk, stretch…
  • DRINK.
  • Longer lunch break: yeah, I’m not promoting slacking here, but if you need oxygen, just go and you’ll work better.
  • Get there early, leave early (wishful thinking? much?)
  • Bring a change: I normally bring deodorant and that’s OK, but yesterday I was boiling on the train and feared stains all over my back (dress was bodycon and grey). If you’re in doubt, bring a quick change and leave it in the office :p
  • DRINK.
  • Get a cold shower before bed, focusing on the legs.

My outfit options on repeat are

1: Top left, clockwise: Lela Rose, Chanel, Roland Mouret, Hervé Léger and Sam Edelman.

2: Top left, clockwise: Zara/JCrew, Warehouse/YSL, London Forever/MGemi, Maje/MGemi

How do YOU cope?






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