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A year in review: goodbye, 2016. Hello 2017!

4th January 2017

Best 9 - travel 2016So,  another year comes to an end and as usual an end of year review is due. Last year I set myself some goals – and frankly even if I haven’t achieved them all, I’m pretty happy with my year, regarded by most as the world’s annus horribilis par excellence. It started in style with a trip to Dubai and a challenge working for a company on an almost permanent basis as an interpreter. It ends with another trip, this time to Mexico and in between many things have happened.

How did I do against my 2016 resolutions?

– TSF blog: I haven’t been able to post more than once a month because I always want to be relevant and believe in useful content over just posting for posting’s sake. Do you agree? Sticking to a resolution from last year, time with the family and to unwind and relax is key so… something’s gotta give. 🙂 On other notes, I’ve run a trial on my TSF services and Turin is what came out of it. It was a lovely experience and I’m looking into offering more of that on a regular basis. I’ve also worked with Rush Hair on a tiny project – Milan City Shine – soft curls for #MFW and it made me happy.

– WORK: It was a good, tired year. I’ve interpreted for cool events and clients, among which #Next100years for BMW in Los Angeles and L’Oreal in London. Working hard is a given but enjoying it and also find time for yourself is a skill. I may have not found many more new clients this year but I’ve certainly cemented some existing relationships and became yet a little bit more irreplaceable for some of them. Result! My absolute highlight? I’m now an associate tutor at Surrey University, teaching EN>IT Simultaneous Interpreting and in the 10-year anniversary since my latest MA this makes me proud and challenges me every minute to set the example.

– TRAVELS: I’ve managed to fit in a couple of short trips that were really just leisure this year, like Santorini and Bali – see the full diaries here. I have been to Romania, Prague, Mantua, Venice, Los Angeles, Paris, Tuscany, Turin (for the first time!), Dubai, Seville, Elba, Verona and as I type I’m in Mexico – another destination in my existing triad of Top Places to visit. Level unlocked!

  • Japan
  • Maldives
  • Mexico

– FRIENDS and FAMILY: despite closing the year on a sad note (friends sometimes can be deceiving and not all you give is what you get in return, I’m afraid. Haters gonna hate.) I can say I’ve also understood that I am a forgiving person and cannot hold a grudge for long; life is too short to be saddened by triviality when the world is apocalyptic as is… I’ve gained new colleagues that are now friends – beautiful inside out. This is a reminder that for as many enemies you may have, there’s is an equal amount of people who truly love you. #soppymuch. On this note, I also realized that the time is now, as my friend Francesca says.

The time to try and fail, the time to work hard and play hard, the time for kindness and little things. I exceeded this realization this 2016 – I’m proud of that.

img_1295– FITNESS: this is kind of a…fail. While I managed to keep my weight stable and not lose too much muscle, my schedule made it almost impossible for me to train more than once or twice a week (on a good week!). My resolutions since 2012 include being fit to have a fitter mind and a better performing body, so this is straight up again among the top priorities for 2017. Health-wise I have managed to keep most illnesses at bay (after March at least) and I believe that taking more vitamins on a regular basis (along with regular sleep patterns) may have had an influence.

– WISHLIST: now with the shallow bit… the year started with a great break in Dubai and almost right after that I unlocked two “IT-bags” level: Chanel’s WoC and Givenchy’s Antigona are now proud members of my bag family. As for other unmissable items, this is a selection of my fave of 2016:

iPhone 7 Plus

– Bose Noise Cancelling 35 Quiet Comfort over-ear headphones

– Valentino rock stud sandals

– Burberry cachemire coat

– Bulgari Save the Children Zero1 ring

– Aquazzura strappy shoes

I can’t really say I need anything else. But if it gives you pleasure – and does not kill anyone, well… indulge!

img_8731My 2017’s goals? It’s all about MORE

I know, we always say less is more. But hey, when it comes to your life, more can be good too:

  • More travel: I still dream of places likes Maldives or Polinesia and I’d love to see NY at least once a year but hey, time to time.
  • More fitness: this is not even questionable! My goals are feeling great in my skin, for my age.
  • More hugs: it’s proven. They increase your happiness. Physical contact is a cure – and if I could keep one, a kitten would help!
  • More reading: I rarely read books in my native language and that’s a flaw. Don’t get me wrong: I do read a lot in Italian, just not books. And I believe I can easily change that 🙂
  • More writing: yes, this year I’ll write a book. #pinkypromise
  • More feminism: I had a bit of an epiphany earlier this year (it happened to be right after the obnoxious news of #Brexit) and realised how lucky I am as a woman in my adoptive country and shaking off a bit of a sense of exemption that I always felt belonged to me. I was very naive in thinking I have the same rights as any men: the struggle is real, especially in the corporate world, which is still, alas, tremendously phallocentric. In a nutshell, I know I’ll never be one of the boys but my goal is now being fully aware of it and make it an advantage.

Yet, LESS is also a key component

  • Less hate – from others. I’m actually a WYSIWYG person and I’ve always made a point of showing true colours. So there you go, like me or hate me, I’m always true to what and who I am. I’ve got no time for hate, plus… it gives you wrinkles, don’t you know? 

But this year wouldn’t have been what it has been without my better half. You are a strong, loving and resilient man and I love you from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU for always believing in me, F.

img_9067And you? How was the dreaded 2016? To be erased or to be remembered? Tell you tale.

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  • Reply Caroline Alberoni 11th January 2017 at 12:23 pm

    “[A]s many enemies you may have, there’s is an equal amount of people who truly love you” > Totally true! Even in the hardest of times, we must remember that.

    Your more/less goals are pretty much the same as mine. Regarding trips, see you in Buenos Aires in April?

    Can’t wait for your book to come out! =D

    Have a fantastic year, Val!

  • Reply Val @ TSF 11th January 2017 at 12:28 pm

    Thank you, dear Caro – I am not sure as of yet of the next months’ travelling but I’ll keep you posted! Have a gr8 January and take care. x

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