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21st September 2017

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    Fashion Week essentials: my edit

    21st September 2017

    With Fashion Week in full swing around the 4 capitals of style – and now closing in London – I can only dream about being frowing like the bloggers do; but hey, I can definitely come up with my own staples for a busy week like this. I chose 6 and here they are. 

    THE TROUSERS. I was inspired by a recent visit to Victoria Beckham’s shop in Dover street, where I had the pleasure to try – and not buy, alas – the pair of perfect trousers. While in recent years I’ve been transforming myself into a lover or midi skirt and dresses (well, my purpose was to live in something else but denim only) I have to admit it is also due to the fact I often cry over the lack of an in-between set of sizes. We have that for shoes, and it works so I am ever so sad to never find a pair of elegant, non-denim trousers that fit. Yes, I would be a UK 9 or a European 41 and proud of it,… if only those middle sizes existed, alas. I tried on the most amazing pair of wool-stretch mix trousers – with a little bit of a Seventies’ vibe to it – that in an unexpected size UK 8 were like gloves on my body (no, no pictures of this a-ah moment, sadly). And while you’ll excuse when I start saving to be able to afford them – they are as gorgeous as horrifically dear for the pockets – I clearly see the light at the end of my trousers conundrum. So, I may not have them but they make it to my FW edit. P.S.: I tried them in black, comme d’habitude.


    THE TOP. the other item I always travel with especially on interpreter’s duty is a white fitted shirt (preferably no iron). As I always like to say to those who asked me what kind of woman I am for not ironing (my mother included, meh) I reply: I never said I couldn’t. I just choose not to do it. When my father – lover of all shirts, rigorously long-sleeved – introduced to his beloved Brooks Brothers, I was grateful. Very. They do my favourite non-iron shirts in a fitted style, so that they fall perfectly around the chest and waist and my narrowish shoulders are not navigating in a ton of cotton. Yet, my secret dream is to have one tailor made in Savile Row bearing my initials – oh the luxe of monogram everything.

    THE BAG. As for bags, at the moment I’m coveting smaller, practical little bags are my favourites are these – and one is again Victoria’s. When I travel I try to use larger bags so I fit laptop and other essential items (phone, diary, documents…) and I may be repetitive, but black is still the most versatile of all. Truth be told? I’m toying with the idea of all red, the colour of the season in all its hues.

    THE SHOES. Shoes shoes shoes: if I had to choose just one, it’ll be my Chanel sling-backs with a kitten heel – I hope to wear them until I’m 70 or older – but as running around requires fast reaction and practicality, the obvious choice are ankle boots. I like them semi-flat or with a few inches of heel, possibly somewhat rock-chic style. At the moment, my heart beats for these Givenchy silver studs never die if you ask me.

    THE OUTERWEAR. I normally try to wear my leather biker jacket for as long as I can into the fall. I love the way some leather have the ability to dress down and spice up anything it touches – a tip? I wear a fitted, figure-hugging style as a blazer or a jacket over a white shirt. It works. And when the going gets tough and the weather unkind, I even wear it underneath my trench or coat to keep warm.

    photo: @oriolo

    6. THE PASHMINA. Plus, who am I without my proverbial scarf? As a travelling interpreter, as the fall hits this country, I cannot leave without some sort of neck protection – my voice after all is my main asset. I have fallen back into loving my 17-year-old red cachemire pashmina: a scarf when it’s windy, a shawl when you need to be smart or to cover up at dinners and also the perfect everything in between (think of cold planes = instant plaid).

    Needless to say, I’d also carry these:

    • glasses: loving my new entry from Céline – big not huge, dark yet not tinted, they surprisingly work on my face despite having a boxy feel to them. Come in different shades, I could not but choose the black.

    • lipstick: again, Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder, in Victoria – the perfect matte brick red that can be used on a daily basis to spice up a look without being too flashy. Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder is a minimal line with top lipsticks.

    • perfume: Gabrielle Chanel, of course. You can read my review on the blog – I believe it’s the perfect scent for a daytime attire but equally functional in the nighttime.