2017: A Year in Review

31st December 2017

This year was long.

This year was quick.

This year was tough.

This year was bad.

This year was a breeze.

This year…

Well, every 31st December, in a sort of ancestral tradition and routine, we ring in the New Year wishing. Wishing for the new one to be THE one. Wishing for world peace, wishing for a bit of love, for a bit of luck, or simply thinking about how time flies and oh so many things I have still in my bucket list. It’s been a few years since I’ve started my customary personal Year in Review post. And it’s a fascinating way to realise how much we grow, how much we can and should do to be a better version of ourselves but also as a moment to see how far we’ve come, for better and for worse. I normally compare my previous resolutions and see what I have achieved.  And 2016 was AMAZING, so anything would be easily put in a corner by that. So this time I am more keen to share what I’ve learnt that just ticking a list.

I’ve learnt that business is business. No matter what. And I paid it on my skin.

I’ve learnt (or rather reinforced) that not all that glitters is gold – for nobody.

I’ve learnt that most times friendship lies in the least expected people.

As well as that some friends are not friends at all, after all.

I’ve learnt what I can do – and that sometimes it’s fine to feel accomplished for little things.

I’ve learnt to not underestimate myself thinking others are necessarily better than I am. Most times we are just… differently able.

I’ve learnt that my family is and always will be my rock – while I’m not a nostalgic or cheesy person, it’s hard to find the same strength other than in family.

Yet, I’ve learnt that family is not everything either: friendships after school and in later life are a reality, a treasure and hard to keep. But worth it – and possible.

I’ve learnt that my health and my wellbeing is crucial to my work – and I cannot overdo it all the time and now I know. Easy to say…

I’ve learnt that jealousy makes people do terrible things – at least, that’s what some did to me – but I’ve also learnt that it is all about knowing how to rise well and beyond that and live your life in style, regardless.

I’ve learnt that after a bad year, must come a great one.

Many lessons, for a rather average 2017 that has been unfair to me in many ways: what can I say? It has made me understand that there’s nothing I can’t do. Or almost – I still can’t do maths gracefully or fly a plane but hey, sky’s the limit 🙂

This year I’ve been robbed – in many ways – but I’ve also found other strengths. And celebrating my first 35 moons on this planet made me feel loved and the best version of myself in a very long time. So yeah, if you ask me, I’d happily rewind this year and erase it, probably – but what doesn’t kill you… makes you stronger, or so they say.

2018 has to be the one – and if not, I’ll MAKE IT SO.

Are you in?


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