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February 2018

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    CO2LDN is here: and I blame it on Coco!

    16th February 2018

    After months of following one of London’s queen of style, I finally got the opportunity to meet Coco in her natural element: #LFW. Our serendipitous introduction was immortalised on Regent’s Street the only way I know how: a selfie which gained a permanent status on Coco’s Instagram since September 2016!

    Stylish and truly powerful in her own right, Coco is a Cambridge lawyer-turned-social-media-prodigy that exploded on the fashion blogging scene and naturally evolved into being a visionary fashion entrepreneur. As of January 2018, Coco’s newest venture, CO2LDN took social media by a storm. I’m glad to get to review it first! And to get to enjoy one of her cool tees – of course in black 🙂

    The now famous “Blame It on Coco” permeates Instagram feeds with her CO2LDN’s first line of T-shirts sported by all social media monarchs.

    CO2LDN is a street style brand aimed at insta style seekers with disposable income, who have come to expect nothing short of perfection from her and needless to say: Coco does not disappoint. Her effortless style and creative vision were poured into the makings of CO2LDN, a street style brand speaking to her hype street, Sloane Square and beyond audience and leveraging her business background. Needless to say Coco immediately recognised the gap in the market for a lifestyle brand delivering a clear message: good, clean, intelligent, fun.

    The ultimate slogan we were all looking for? Look no furtner: #BIOC. And the rest is history!

    Followed by hundred of thousands, I see CO2LDN become a powerhouse 3s rolex yacht master 16622sso mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 platinum dial brand and Coco’s larger-than-life presence can be felt everywhere. With ongoing partnerships with Rodial, Tom Ford, Killian and others, Coco effortlessly drives tangible changes in the community, both tangibly and digitally.

    CO2LDN is coming to a hype street near you – and I cannot wait to wear it!

    Launching on the 22th at London Fashion Week, 5-7 pm

    @ Vicki Sarge, 38 Elizabeth Street – London