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Valeria Aliperta

Born in Tuscany in 1982, Valeria has spent time in Spain, Italy and then the UK while still a translation and interpreting student (she holds a BA in Translation and a MA in Conference Interpreting). Despite being a typical Italian for her style and taste, love for design and of course food, she left Italy years ago to settle in London and call it home. She started freelancing in 2007 – and she never looked back – in green Devon (UK) but then moved to London, where she has been based since 2011.

Her language business gets her all over Europe week in, week out, to cater for the linguistic needs of a wide range of different clients and businesses. Naturally drawn to the beautiful and stylish things, her curiosity for the world and replica automatic rolex gmt master 116718grso 40mm mens oyster bracelet restlessness about life shaped her thinking too.

A lover of photography (her shots are heavily iPhone-based), balanced design and all things branding, Val has been strongly influenced by her travelling and by the work of her partner Fabio, an Italian designer with whom she collaborates for anything related to branding and design.

This lifestyle is what ultimately makes Valeria who she is: it helped her develop the concept of The Stylish Freelancer as a new way to approach freelancing, creating an image of your own and for your business, while being productive, elegant and truly yourself. Her mission now is to help others untap this potential.



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