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    #AllYouNeed is the iconic, new Tiffany & Co.’s fragrance

    3rd December 2017

    Last September a new, much-awaited fragrance was launched by Tiffany & Co. and to quote the brand, this eau de parfum is

    a sparkling floral musk that offers a modern take on the most precious ingredients of traditional haute perfumery.

    A passion for fragrance.

    But let’s rewind for a sec. I’ve recently developed a passion for scents – while I’ve always worn perfume (my favourite as a teen was CK One, then replaced by Jean Paul Gaultier La Femme, from which I then transition into Chanel 5 and J’Adore) it’s probably only in recent years and with many more flights and duty frees under the belt that I’ve discovered what style I really like. Far from being an expert on bouquet and compositions, I can now tell what I like and what doesn’t suit me just by smelling for a second. I’m not going to lie, I have always liked Tiffany and Co.: the keys, the stationery and the rings are among my favourite. I still remember being in awe the first time I walked into the NYC store on 5th Ave, where you cannot help but feel like you’re on a movie set like a modern-day Audrey.

    So I was intrigued when they launched a new scent – in a season when many other historic maisons have jumped on board the wagon of fine perfumery, in some case even for the first time. This is not Tiffany’s first attempt at fragrances. Back in 1987 they would work with the Chanel creative team for six fragrances until 2003 then the brand has been without their own fragrance for a few years… until now. Imagine my thrill when Debenhams Beauty Team sent me a bottle of Tiffany & Co. – I couldn’t wait to try it out!

    A new, timeless icon.

    • 50ml
    • Top note: Vert de mandarine
    • Middle note: Noble iris
    • Base notes: Patchouli and musk

    Iconic box: check. The fragrance is presented in the signature Tiffany Blue Box, an internationally recognized symbol of style and sophistication. And it makes the perfect gift under the tree, too.

    Iconic bottle: check. A geometric glass bottle inspired by the  iconic Tiffany Lucida and Tiffany Yellow Diamond cuts (128.54-carat). Inside, a delicate juice with the slightest tint of blue illuminates the precise cuts of the bottle.

    About the above, I had no doubts. As for the scent itself, I’ve used it on the skin and lightly walked into a cloud of it with my hair and it’s gentle, never overpowering. For me, the note that stands out the most right after spraying it on is the freshness of the iris. Nevertheless, while the base notes are definitely there, on my skin what I can still perceive after a while is the citrusy green contrast of mandarinthe rest is all fresh white musks providing lift and volume making the whole construct airy and light. This wise combination makes it a light, airy scent ideal for the day. Plus, in the small 30ml bottle, it’s perfect to carry in your hand luggage. As Colognoisseur describes it:

    the major difference was for this to be a soliflore around iris. Soliflores are perfume solitaires with that central note the radiant jewel. It seems appropriate for Tiffany to follow through on this analogy.

    The verdict.

    I really like this fragrance even though I also like richer, more exotic perfumes like Chanel 5 or Opium. The only real downside – which, mind you, is something I experience with pretty much any scent – is its medium longevity with an average sillage – in plain English, it means you have to reapply in a few hours and that is doesn’t linger much in the air once you’ve got it on. So, will I wear it? It’s a rotund Y E S. While I believe it’s classic in its freshness, most of all it’s a different, younger take that appeals to a younger generation. Plus, that bottle is love.

    Find your now at Debenhams!