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    BEAUTY that speaks BUSINESS: makeup that goes the extra mile

    3rd February 2016

    Finding the right look can indeed be an issue – and we saw what the criteria are for that in a previous video: choose the place, know the crowd, the type of event… and the list goes on. Also, for the ladies – sorry guys! – choosing the right look – hair, makeup etc – can take up time and effort. Especially if you know nothing about colour palettes or even about what suits you and what not. I know some of you always choose to ignore that aspect and go ‘Well, they’re not going to judge my skills based on my makeup etc’, if I’m good they’ll find me, no matter if my photo on LinkedIn is professional or not…’

    I like repeating that you cannot give a good second first impression – that’s why it’s crucial to get it right the first time around.  By make-up and palettes I’m not saying that an OTT look is the key to success – in fact, quite the contrary. What I normally go for  – and suggest everyone tries – is:

    • identify your strongest feature
    • identify your best feature – the one to enhance
    • identify the outfit – they do go hand in hand
    • identify location and time – they determine the look you go for

    then try try try. Get others to chime in and give you an opinion – it’s how you’re seen in the outside world after all. One thing is 100% valid for pretty much anyone: a natural makeup is a winner, no matter the event. This is my suggestion: neutral tones, a fine liner and a matching lip – if you wanna dare or it’s an evening event, try red matte.

    You cannot really give a good second first impression.

    My choice for this look?

    Eyes: Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette, from Sephora – beige on upper lid, champagne beige on mobile lid and brown blended on crease

    Mascara: Tokyo Lash from Shu Uemura (even though I’m wearing a full set of Shu Uemura lash extensions in the video)

    Foundation: Chanel Le Beige in no. 20 topped with powder foundation, also Shu Uemura

    Blush: Nars in Orgasm

    Brushes: blending brush, Illamasqua and eye shadow brush, Chanel.

    Find below a gallery of my favourite looks – all starts with this base you can build upon to reach the desired effect.

    Happy trying!

    A natural makeup is a winner, no matter the event.

    PS.: And if you need help with makeup and finding your own palette, just drop me a line, I can fix this.

    PPS: sorry for the “dong” sounds, there are works outside the office!