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When I started thinking about TSF, I realised no one out there was approaching freelancing the way I hoped for: like a lifestyle. As such, you need a method to make the most of it – at your own conditions.

  • find the right balance for your personal and business life, with tips and ideas to make the most of it
  • find THE voice and THE image, with a tailor-made consultancy that gets you – and gets your aspirations and goals rights
  • help you work seamlessly, more productively and efficiently, making the most of time and constraints that life puts upon you
  • guide you to be yourself, yet projecting the right image and the right message to the world – and to potential clients
  • raise the bar of your own confidence and work with you to highlight skills, qualities and even fears and leverage on them
  • up your style ante, finding what you’re doing wrong and what you could improve to look and be credible, successful and true to yourself
  • streamline your business, with help that taps directly into your existing resources and enhances them
  • define your way to see the world, design and branding, creating the right logo and identity to make your business skyrocket

So, what does TSF do?

TSF now has a section that pretty much goes to the core of the whole “create a better version of yourself” business. Basically, from here you can mix and match the packages you need to do many things:
⁃       find an image and a style that suit you
⁃       be more productive with tips and ideas
⁃       revolutionise your wardrobe and keep just what works for you
⁃       revamp or create your brand from scratch to sell more
⁃       learn how to maximise your copy and be more appealing to prospects in emails, calls and all media

and the list goes on.

In a nutshell, it’s consultancy designed around you, to give you the flexibility to choose just what you need – plus, it’s always a 1:1 effort (you and me, always).
It all starts with choosing what your need –  but hey, I know making choices rolex day date 36mm unisex m128238 0022 gold tone is a tough game. So, if you’re unsure, just book your a complimentary 15-min chat with me and we’ll take it from there.


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Most of the effort is online but for specific packages, e.g. a makeover, I will need to meet you – trust me, it’s more fun.

Want some examples of what you would learn?

⁃       Why colours are fundamental to a better look
⁃       The elements to copy that really persuades prospects
⁃       How to transition from office to networking in no time
⁃       Why packing well is crucial for frequent traveller freelancers
⁃       How an elevator pitch is just more than a 30-second blabs –
⁃       What a brand should convey and touch on to be credible and make a splash.

What’s the method behind this?

The TSF Method

The TSF Method is based on finding a sweet spot where style, business and brand intercept to create your Image. Image is what you portray, how you’re perceived by clients and peers, and it is a result of your personal style, your brand voice and personality and the way you envisage and want to run your business.

The TSF Method starts by imagining a situation where you see yourself as an outsider – or rather someone who does not feel like she is fitting for the situation or environment. It does not mean things are done completely wrongly, mind you. It’s all about a shift of confidence, of attire, and appropriateness that is there, dormant, in you. You just observe a scenario in which a woman who looks like you walks into a meeting room to negotiate a new job with two representatives of a potential client, one male and one female. Imagine that it’s the best you, with your most desired and perfect image. Now imagine you can see what the other two people in the room think and feel when you enter. Write down their thoughts and observations, write down what you’d like them to think and perceive about you. How are they forming their opinion of you?
What are they basing it on?

The Desired Image Map

After that, look at the image of you and write down everything
– Why is she the better you?
– How does she look?
– What does she have that you don’t?
Write everything down. The result is what I call The Desired Image Map.

Creating the Image Circle

Now, there obviously is a difference between what The Desired Image Map shows and how the reality looks like. The TSF Method breaks Image down into three elements. The Image Circle exercise helps you to find out more about your current situation so then I can draw recommendations voopoo argus pro carbon fiber 80w pod mod kit related to what needs working on. Essentially, The Image Circle exercise is carried out by myself during the consultancy meeting based on what I’ve learned about you from The Desired Image Map. I will be asking you to find out more about your current situation and how is it different from your Desired Image.
I identify three categories: style, brand and business.

PART I  – Style
PART II – Brand
PART III – Business

Why should you trust me?

If you want to learn how to use your brand or the assets you have – because we all have something unique to leverage on – well, I can help you do that. I’ve developed a method – here’s how it works.  The ideal person who needs the package can be:

– Brand with a lustre-lacking image in need of a revamping
– Business-oriented person who needs a style makeover that represent who she is
– Busy person who needs to be more productive and does not know how
– Makeup-phobic who works in a social business and needs to match online persona with look
– Freelancer with little visibility online in need of better copy and better head shots.


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