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    Postcards from Dubai (and why doing nothing at all rocks)

    7th January 2016

    We welcomed the New Year barely a week ago but my new year starts now, work-wise. I managed to get the much sought-after (and probably much-deserved) holiday in the sun that I longed for a while: this means that I really start working again today – and trust me, the weather is everything but new in London today, rainy and dark –––– #stillinshock

    If you followed me on Snapchat or IG, you know the location was Dubai – a corner of paradise that is much closer than my other long-desidered destinations, like Maldives or Thailand, you can reach it in 7 hrs from London Heathrow and it was relatively affordable because we left on NY’s day. I chose the Fairmont The Palm, on Palm Jumeirah because I heard a lot about it in the news and yes, I wanted to see for myself. Everything was perfect: the hotel. the room, the beach, the food, the sightseeing; even though the temperature was milder than I expected (max 24 °C with chilly nights), I managed to get a little bit of a tan line (yay!) despite wearing SPF 50 (Actinica, a new find that also is ideal for people prone to melanoma or skin conditions). It’s funny: as an hyper-active and busy person I tend to schedule things over the holidays because I know I’ll be free or at least I’ll have tons of hours to write, read, etc… And categorically, I do not do as much as I planned – I keep procrastinating and even tough normally I set myself minor goals over the break (to be intertwined with family, friends and general hustle and bustle) I do achieve some of it. This time though, I failed olympically: with the exception of Instagram and instant messaging, I just checked emails briefly and nonchalantly, and managed to:

    – never switch on my laptop in 6 days

    – get a lot of sleep

    – get massages that could revive the dead

    – indulge in lavish breakfasts

    – go to the gym and not feel under pressure because of time or work

    – do no plans (unless it was deciding for an outfit or a restaurant reservation).

    Do I feel bad about it?

    I’d lie if I told you I didn’t wish I had at least written a few posts or planned my 2016 – I did have plenty of hrs to do that, indeed. Instead I just managed to switch off and I feel rested and energised to start the year at full throttle. It feels new to me and even if I had a bit of planning to catch up with this week – the price to pay for January paradise, I guess – I want to think pink.

    Here the best shots of my Dubai break – I want to be back in a few months!

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