2021: a year in review

31st December 2021

The year comes to a close

And while we all know how crappy 2020 was, I wouldn’t be so sure 2021 was any better. And yes – C19 has a major protagonist role in my year.

In 2020 we were scared, we were far from home, we have been in this together and we also had hope. 

Fast forward to April 2021 — the day we got the vaccine which for me was a sigh of relief. But overall, life did not really improve that much. I felt safer and still do, but for us not much changed: there I was, saddened by a travel ban that put our job at risk and kept us away from out home, while most people around us led a normal life (ofc I’m talking about the privileged ones, because we are lucky indeed, I cannot deny that). I saw people travelling and enjoying as nothing was going on, — good for them, but I felt so trapped.

I’ve missed birthdays and occasions, I’ve lost my habits and my routines, I missed places that shut down and people who moved way. I have worked out but basically have no more muscles in my body as I have not seen my personal training since 2020. I’ve watched way too much Netflix and spent way too much money to compensate not going anywhere. 

In hindsight— shopping kept me a little sane… but that’s not the point.

I’ve missed being next to my friends who had babies or hugging them tight when they lost their loved ones. And I missed being there for my parents when they also felt scared and lost. Also — crazy 9 hr difference doesn’t help.

This year had career highlights I’m proud of but also ups and downs — I’ve lost clients and found others, interpreted way less as remote is hard and I’m in the wrong timezone, to mention just an example… and overall I can say between 2020 and now I’ve never worked so much in my life. Not a brag.

There are in fact a few (sometimes, silly) positives and that is what we need to focus on even though, as I type this, it is hard to make them enough.

  • I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. My schedule used to be crazy and now that wholesale alexander mcqueen sports shoes I have a routine, my body is stable on a healthy weight and rhythm.
  • I feel like I’ve grown into a person that really knows her limits, her mind and her goals. I’m more tired for it, because let’s face it — adulting sucks. But the awareness is painfully, yet refreshingly eye-opening.
  • I have friends who love me and I made new ones in the oddest of times. Thank you — old and new, you’re up there and I know you won’t leave me alone.
  • I’ve ticked some boxes when it comes to my style and my goals: creating a capsule closet and curating the items I really love makes me feel more me.
  • And last but not least, I’ve spent the most time with husband since probably we met 20 years ago. 2 uninterrupted years, 24/7 together. I love you so much, my rock. 

I’ll be 40 in a few months, so 2022… bring it on. But please, throw at some some happiness curveballs, some unexpected joys and some sudden peace of mind… possibly with no new variants. 

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