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    2019: a year in review

    2nd January 2020

    In last year’s review I mentioned that this little recap of the past 365 days is not meant to be a way to punish myself for what I did NOT achieve but rather to see how I’ve done without judgement. I hoped to be a stronger version of myself and on many fronts I am happy I did just that.

    A year of work: I’m not one for complaining when work comes – but this was honestly the year I’ve worked the most in a while. The summer is normally ghost town for all freelancers and instead I was glued to my laptop and worked non-stop for a host of new clients that suddenly found me. I even got to turn some down! I was chuffed for this development even though I was looking forward to a real break.

    A year of travel: no news here but after a year of bicoastal life, I managed to get this routine cracked a little better. While I still don’t have a million miles nor only travel first class (I wish – I only flew business class twice this year and it does high quality replica rolex datejust mens 36mm 116234 sdj automatic make a massive difference…), I now have my little routines and my body hasn’t shut down yet from living in a constant jetlag state. Kudos to bloggers… I took 65 flights over 2019 and it’s truly exhausting!

    A year of love: my husband was there with me all the way, of course; and I cannot stress enough how my friends are my rock. I wanted to do my best to make all my beloved happy, somehow, and I hope I did that. It’s hard to juggle everyone when you’re never still or in the same place for more than a week – sometimes it makes me feel inadequate for not giving my all to everyone because a flight, because a job, because a commitment, because and appointment… but I guess work and life need to cohabitate somehow and I’ve done my ultimate best. I felt loved and appreciated and some people especially were there for me listening to my tired rants and jetlag frustration – so thank you husband and thank you Mum and Dad, and thank you to my girls, you are the brightest stars.

    A year of reflection: I think I’m just becoming older and wiser – to a certain extent! I was still asked for ID buying alcohol yesterday so hell yeah for me – but with time, I  find myself looking back and now liking all those things I hated as a kid:

    • staying home instead of partying
    • going to bed early
    • buying pots, furniture and bed linens

    and the list goes on. Reflection (not meditation, as I’ve not cracked that yet!) is melancholic but for me never sad. It makes me think how much we have done, how far we’ve come (for good, bad or worse) and should foster improvement.

    A year that puts a bow on a decade: we started in Devon, we barely managed to pay rent and I was excited for every single little underpaid job I got at the time. I would treat myself to a high street dress if I was really having a good year and we used vouchers to go for a fendi 62471 fashion caps pizza in town. We have done so much, and there is so much I want to do still.

    Of course it’s not what you have or what you buy that counts, but rather what you’ve achieved that really make you go far in life and career, because these events are the little puzzle pieces that make YOU. In all truth: my ten-years-ago self would have never thought she would wear a Pronovias wedding dress, become a Brit, buy a flat in Central London or finally make it to Hawaii (or even California) and despite materialistic, making it on your own is still something to be proud of after all.

    So, even if 2019 was probably the best of the decade – and I’m grateful for that – it doesn’t mean all was golden. I’ve been struggling with migraines and the political climate burdens my souls every day; friends have been struggling too, family members have been sick, clients have still left me and well, I started having grey hair – all adds up! But I made it through to 2020 because I was determined enough and believed, I believed in that stronger self from my recap last year and just soldiered on. So, without going all guru on you, I can say that, from strength to strength, I hope you all find yours – because it’s there, it’s in you.

    Here’s to another decade of discoveries. Bring it on, 2020. I’m ready!
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