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    The art of giving: how to spend it with TSF

    17th December 2017

    It’s that time of the year again – the gifting season. I often receive Xmas presents that do not represent me – and this is not because I am not making clear my personality or what I like – LOL, my boyfriend knows that way too well. I believe it’s due to the lack of awareness on prices: indeed, many people are not familiar with what their money can buy or achieve – this pretty much leads them to purchasing items or gifts based on what they know or are told of, mainly because big brands can be intimidating and scary. This has been a recurrent thought of mine: why are people spending so much money of things and gifts and experiences that are almost worthless or do not have the wow factor at all when with the same investment or just a little bit more they can really leave someone speechless?

    When my friend Andrea needed to go to a wedding this summer, he was panicking. He asked me where he could get a suit without spending a fortune but still look smart and young.

    So it hit me: based on his budget I could direct him to the perfect store – in just a minute. Smug me, happy friend. Of course, it’s not rocket science nor a new idea, but I decided that it’s worth sharing it with you – with the right budget, I can help you find the perfect item in no time. So, it’ll work like this: every week I’ll suggest an item on a budget… in short, I do the thinking and you are careless and free 🙂 Because it’s Xmas though, I thought I’d go for a crossover of my new #HowToSpendItwithTSF and a Xmas wishlist… find below an helpful list of what to buy from £20 up to £100.

    Ready to smash it this gifting season? Enjoy!

    Under £20

    Under £50

    Under £100

    And from now on, do get in touch to get your own #HowToSpendItWithTSF:

    – define your budget

    – tell me who you need the gift for

    – just add any other relevant detail you think I need to know

    and your #HowToSpendItWithTSF could be featured on the blog – one every week!

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