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    February and March round up: about time!

    23rd April 2017

    Yeah, a Feb + Mar round-up is long due so… it’s here!

    February and March have marked an important turning point: I’ve turned 35, got many super amazing presents and incredible friends who showed me their unconditional love, I had my 10-year anniversary with Fab, I’ve travelled to several locations, including Malaysia and also, work-wise a big project ended. As sometimes it happens, you feel it’s a big change and feel a bit lost. I was working several hours every month in an office and now I don’t get to go any longer, it’s all about getting new clients and reorganising yourself. Having said that, I’m adjusting and that’s why I couldn’t find the proper time to share a post with you. Apologies!

    Here the best of my February and March – with the highlight of my sudden trip to Langkawi.

    • My dream come true, my 2.55 is here.

    Long-time dream of mine, I saved and with a bit of help from my family and friends and Fab, I finally am a proud owner of my 2.55. Medium flap in black lambskin, with silver hardware. I know it’s more delicate and yes, gold is all the rage but I’m a silver babe. Now, I have been abusing of it and I need to downsize that as I need to pass it onto my granddaughters one day… Isn’t it the most perfect thing though? Now lusting after a beige one… #addicted

    • I had an amazing party at Duck & Waffle for my 35th birthday.

    I am obsessed by my birthday. In a good way – feeling good about yourself, not being worried about aging and enjoying the fact that it’s for YOU and you only. I have always been fascinated by the years that pass by. I am an only child and while I wouldn’t call myself a lonely or solitary girl, I probably always liked my birthday because it meant many kids would come to my house and play. I did have friends to play with, don’t get me wrong, but having no siblings I believe that was a magic moment. Now I see it as a legit moment for myself: a day when it’s OK to be spoiled or ask for attention because it’s your day! As childish as it may sound, I also recommend you try – for once, learning how to be in the spotlight, how to claim what you deserve, how to be loved and be carried away, mostly surprised by how people see you and care for you. Birthdays are the best. Thanks to all my amazing friends who wrote to me in private or Facebook or via text and so on… every birthday is just a little more special as friends from all over the world spend even 1 second thinking of me.

    • Malaysia.

    My dad is an international maritime consultant and he gets to travel to exotic places, I’d say at least once or twice a year. Most times… I go with him! This trip was to Langkawi – it’s OK, I also checked where it was! We stayed for a few days in this island north of KL and it was nature everywhere, very quiet and super affordable. Also, it was super hot and I was knocked out for the first day with a terrible jet lag and migraine. I did enjoy a few days exploring and also the pool. Here some of the looks I chose for my trip.


    • A quick visit to Paris.

    They say Paris is always a good idea… and even if it was cold af and I was by myself on a business trip, I managed to take some shots and stop some providential Japanese tourists who looked like they were capable and equipped to snap me in place.


    • Big 10.

    Yes, 3rd of March was our 10th anniversary – I don’t normally spend much time dwelling on the past, I like living in the present and try to make the most of what I’ve learnt from the years passed by as we cannot really do anything about them, can we? That’s why I don’t reminisce much – and my memory is also quite rubbish! – but hey, that 3rd of March 2007 was the first time we met again since that split in 1999 (yes, we had a thing before, when I was 17). We didn’t know then, but we would have been on a journey together that would bring us here in the UK to create a life from scratch. This year we went to Clos Maggiore for dinner – one of my favourite things to do – and well, I got him a card and he got me a ring. HOLD YOUR HORSES. No bells yet, but ten years are ten years right? 🙂 I love this Bulgari. And Fab.

    • Presents: My new iPhone 7 Plus red and the nicest Chanel shoes.

    Yeah, my new toy has 256 gb and can store ALL my photos… I love it. The Plus was really eye-opening – the quality of photography for blogging and video is amazing and I would not go back to a smaller phone at all. One of my bday pressies (from Fab) was this pair of gorgeous classic pumps that I’m planning to use until I’m 80. Feet normally don’t grow right?

    Details of my pictures:

    Dresses: mostly Zara, white one from Roland Mouret.

    Shoes: Chanel, sandals Souleiado Provence.

    Diary: Smythson.

    Bag: Chanel 2.55.

    Glasses: Dior.

    Scarf: Club Monaco.

    Ring: Bulgari.

    Polka dot dress: vintage.

    Cardi: Zara.

    Makeup: Guerlain, Chanel.

    Bikini: Stone Fox.