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    My skincare routine

    30th March 2019

    It’s a feature I come across from time to time, without a fault, especially on blogger’s instagrams. The skincare routine. And I can’t deny I’m always, always reading it, because hey, I’m curious and of course I’m after the most perfect version of my skin ever possible. Disclaimer: I take you for no fool. I know that there is no one-fits-all formula for skincare and regimes so I won’t convince you MINE is better. It’s all down to, well…

    • Diet
    • Stress
    • Environment
    • Lifestyle
    • Genetics
    • Hormones…

    (yeah, long list but trust me, these elements all count and have a massive play in how your skin looks)

    So while I love a good old skincare routine post, I’m fully aware it differs massively from person to person (just like foundation or shoe size, really). But I’ll try because so many of you asked for what I do and it’s only fair to give the people what they want (apart from Brexit). You may remember this post from a few years ago. Yes, I still have melassa, regrettably, even if over the years I’ve started to be able to tame it. Or get used to it so that I don’t obsess over my darker patches. After suspending the pill for a year (my ObGyn recommend a longer halt due to my ovaries being over-productive and swollen) I found myself battling with nardo rui big color pods disposable vape 4000 puffs _ watermelon ice acne again (the whole reason why I am on the pill to start with). While it was great for my ovaries to rest, my face was a mess. And no, there is no photographic proof of that! Now after almost 8 months since I restarted the treatment, my skin is back to normal – phew. This preamble is to tel you that

    • your skin is never exactly the same
    • Age changes everything
    • Hormones are a b*tch
    • Skincare sometimes does nothing
    • Skincare can really help

    so in short anything goes but it has to be right for your skin and your skin only. Here we go, my current skincare routine:

    Before bed:

    • Remove all traces of makeup. Yes – I always always do this, no matter the timezone or the situation. I like Burt’s Bees for sensitive skin and Simple wipes and while I try to not use them if I’m not travelling, they are more practical than using tons of cotton. Just make sure you really take those mascara bits off!
    • Apply some tonic – I’m using yet again a LaMer product, with cotton pads.
    • Sometimes a mask (I like Summerfridays R+R atm) or the paper foil masks from Estee Lauder. I would say once a week or when my skin feels tight e.g. after a long-haul flight.
    • I alternate Summerfridays Jet-lag cream to Lamer (soft or gel) Whitening TXC from Chanel and a simple serum like LeLift or The Concentrate. Once or twice a week I also use a brightening serum, atm I’m loving the LeBlanc range. I’ve recently started using Estée Lauder ANR and I have to say I really like it.
    • Eye cream or serum – liking the Dior Capture youth eye cream. Super cute bottle too.
    • When I’m really not strapped for time I would use a jade roller that I keep in the fridge but often I forget 🙂
    • I spritz a little bit of Oromovicza or Chanel spray all over (refreshing and also just because it smells nice)
    • Don’t forget the NECK! An anti-aging cream is normally broad spectrum CBD oil tinctures birmingham al perfect for this area.


    • Any good skincare routine should include oil. I love an oil-based cleanser, like Shu Uemura or a scrub like LaMer.
    • Apply a light day cream to nourish without getting shiny (otherwise my T zone need powdering over the day if I go too OTT on the hydration in the am) – a veil of Summerfridays Jetlag Mask goes a long way.
    • A bit more of eye cream but literally just enough to hydrate the eye contour before makeup.
    • Primer if going to immediately put make up on: I like Tom Ford’s Soleil Glow Drops

    I am not normally having facials – every time I have one, my skin breaks out and I don’t like the procedure as it does not relax me so much. Call me weird! As for vitamins: I am a big fan of Olly but I have only tried the melatonin one and they also only ships in the US for now (workaround? get them on Amazon!) Will report more once I’ve tried the supplements!