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    My Autumn Edit: the most wearable items for the fall

    5th December 2018

    The most wearable items for the fall.

    The long, ever-lasting summer. I remember the last time I felt this way, especially since living in Britain: it was 2006 and as a newly-become Londoner, I was giggly as I read of “carry water in the tube” signs – they sounded so cute and naive, for us Mediterranean people, used to much higher – even if not Saharan – temperatures over June through to August.

    This year was the year of the summer that kept giving: I remember the day before my wedding I was wearing boots and a cachemire jumper, soaked up in Soho while stressing over the fact that despite my long-sleeved dress had been carefully chosen with cold London in mind, I may be cold even then.

    Then magically, temperatures went up and kinda stayed like that until now. Yes, we had a few chilly days in September and one or two in October (I even wore a teddy coat one day!) but the weather was just being funny. November was slightly rainy but hey, it’s expected. But temperatures were still up and down a lot.

    Now, it’s finally December, the clocks have gone backwards in most countries (tonight in the States too) and yes, it’s even snowed somewhere in Europe.

    While bloggers worldwide were captioning every IG shot with “sweater weather” and “pumpkin spice latte vibes” as soon as fall began, now it’s the time to embrace it. After all, Halloween and Thanksgiving are well behind us and it’s Xmas every-gingle-where now! This is what I thought could work – and incidentally also a good starting point for autumnal vibes that can transition into the colder months (even if I’m spending most of December and January in sunny Cali…).

    – the coat: I chose an astrakan faux fur from Zara, a teddy bear iteration in black from Macy’s, a camel coat from Rouje.

    – the shoes: I’ve invested in the now-evergreen Gucci sliders/loafers in black but I also alternate them with a pair of Seventies-style, mid-calf leather boots from Chanel with a 3’’ walkable heel.

    – the bag: I’m still in love with the bucket bag from Mansur Gavriel – and I have to say I’ve been overusing it, esp in Cali because it hangs so beautifully from all the styles I tend to wear there. But who am I kidding? I also treated myself to the cutest pink Pop & Suki in gingham pink.

    – the knit: a couple dolcevita from Cos and UniqLo should do the trick. I went for red this year.

    – the print: it’s the year of tartan! After even Angel Kendall wore checked, Scottish-inspired tartan on the Victoria Secret’s show last week, I knew the blazer to get was a checked, Balmain-esque number. Mine is from Zara, of course.

    – the trousers: they are back and I jumped on board. I am an undying fan of the skinny trouser so even I dared to get two (even!) jumpsuit with a looser leg, I stuck to straight lines when it comes to trousers. And I am in love with a jogging waist – I found a Zara pair that comes in several patterns and retails at just £25.99. Such a steal!

    This is pretty much how I would rota until March!

    What do you think?

    What are your favourites?

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