2018: A Year in Review

    31st December 2018

    A year of many things. A year of things that average people do in a 10-year span, we’ve done in less than 12 months.

    A year where all I knew changed and unexpected things came along.

    A year when instead of saying no, I said yes and sometimes without knowing what it’ll bring.

    A year when I’ve come to realise that I’m stronger that I thought I would ever be (and I know it sounds like one of those boring guru talks bla bla no but boy, is it true).

    A year when my family proved that together we can do anything – because we care for each other.

    A year when things could have been better but even worse so, after all I’m still the lucky one.

    A year when my mind battled between travel and family, work and responsibility and health or fitness, and the latter came losing out epically.

    A year when I found new friends and lost some others – some surprisingly so, but I guess it’s life, too. And the new ones are real gems – all with multifaceted issues, marvellous complexities yet a super big heart.

    A year of interesting projects, challenging freelancing headaches, new ideas and still some unaccomplished wishes.

    A year when we did so much together him and I – not without arguing, mind you –  accomplishing one or two important milestones: a last minute incredible wedding and a long-chased little flat in my beloved London.

    A year of true disappointment in the world, in my countries and the governments behind them – Brexit was and still is heavily on mind.

    So, I’m not going to talk about resolutions: as I like to say, this is a review of what’s happened, a glance into what actually is that bad or rather good (because only from outside we can see it clearly) rather than a forceful to-do list of unattainable goals.

    Yes – I could lose some weight.

    Yes – I could wake up at 6 and go for a run every morning. I could take up yoga and tai chi and barre.

    Yes – I could get a new client every week or write a book (actually, this one I will) and I could even say I’ll start eat vegan.

    Yes – I could be the perfect wife and never have dirty dishes in the sink.

    But this little blog that I do every year is a way to acknowledge who I am, not who I must become. And that’s fine!

    After all, my mistakes are mine and thank god I can make them over and over with a smile on my face.

    That’s what I want: a smile on my face, and the will (and conviction) that I can only be a stronger and better version of myself if I believe in it. Happy 2019!


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