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14th July 2015

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    My 1st video on #TSF YouTube Channel is here

    14th July 2015

    Welcome to the 1st episode of TSF YouTube Channel – the aim is to share with you a few minutes filled with short snippets of information, in the form of tips and useful ideas to be stylish. As you will hear in the recording, I’ll be leaving for Japan in just 2 days so I thought I could talk about #stylish packing – a topic that many of you often ask me about.

    How do you pack for various purposes? Should I roll, Should I fold? What to wear when you fly… First of all, I recommend starting with a list. A bit of an old school trick, but it is effective for me to have a checklist where I note all I normally need to make sure the essentials are there.

    These include:

    • battery charger
    • extra tights
    • hayfever tablets other medicines
    • nail file
    • plastic bags
    • pad and pen
    • glasses
    • disposable razors
    • handcream

    Of course you need to approach this based on the duration of your trip. I’ll give you the example of my imminent Japanese escapade.

    This is my trip scenario:

    • hot weather
    • city setting
    • 1 week max
    • mix of leisure (sightseeing) and PR duties (dinners and social events)
    • 1 hand luggage and 1 woman’s purse

    And remember:

    1. travel comfy – jeans and sneakers take up space so wear them
    2. fold t-shirts and shorts
    3. wrap delicate fabric items in paper or plastic
    4. put underwear and loose item on the bottom to create a base
    5. wear a jacket so you save space
    6. fill the corners with long items – brush, hair drier, deodorant (I suggest a compact one, to avoid too many liquids at controls)
    7. always pack some nuts
    8. make sure the camera and the valuables are in the hand luggage
    9. pack a pashmina for the plane (and a spray to stay hydrated)
    10. always check voltage and bring adapters
    11. 1 comfortable heel, 2 sandals and 1 pair of trainers

    In this case I’ll have a guide, a big DSLR camera with lenses and a few books on my kindle to read on the plane, along with my Bose headphones – ideal both for work in the booth and long-haul flights.

    And you?

    Any highlights for your bag? Any change or improvement? Share!


    Coming up: on Thursday, check my photo gallery on France and Portugal, and more on packing.