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    Bag it – or the quest for the perfect match

    19th November 2015

    Accessories are what makes the difference in style and in an outfit. It’s most of the time, what makes you who you are, what defines the way you project yourself.

    But let me begin from the start.

    I had an idea in mind for over a year. I wanted a bag.

    But… It had to be perfect.

    It had to scream Val all the way.

    It had to fit it all.

    It had to tick all the boxes, meet all the needs.

    I would say I like accessories, but I also have to admit that I’m not a hoarder or a keeper: not every item works, not all accessories are made the same. I like shoes but not all shoes, regardless of the style. I like changing accessories, but not for the sake of it. In short, I am very fussy when it comes to deciding which item to get and why – so every time I need (or decide, rather) I am buying a new piece it either meets a specific need or a specific purpose / style.

    I own possibly something like 6-7 bags in total: 2 or 3 small (night/elegant) purses, 1 crossbody and 3 big top handle bags. And some of them I had for decades – like this Louis Vuitton, that just turned 15.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 12.48.49

    Lately, with the increasing travelling and need for practicality I had been thinking of a new possible candidate to alternate my existing 2 big bags. My idea contemplated several criteria… and it was not easy.

    What I wanted:

    – established, upper-end brand that I recognise myself with;

    – known yet on the exclusive side, without being too out of budget;

    – black – essential.

    – a zipper and at least an inner and an external side pocket;

    – top handle with a shoulder, adjustable strap;

    – width of min. 30 cm and max. 40 cm, enough to travel and fit an 11’ notebook;

    – leather, not rigid, not too delicate and not too rough at the touch;

    – rather sturdy and timeless at the same time.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.31.15

    Are you still reading? Are you intrigued? Good! Welcome to the bag freak club.

    So it turns out I found my match. It has the size, the class and the practical flair yet it’s stylish and understated in a luxury way. What do you think? It’s called YSL Cabas Rive Gauche.

    Here’s what’s inside it on most occasions:

    – business cards: your friend everywhere you go! I’ve recently printed spanking-new TSF cards and I’m eager to give them around. 😀

    – power bank: recently tried a bigger one, from Mophie (up to 4 charges and multiple USBs for multiple devices);

    – pen: my lovely friend gave me this for my bday and I treasure it. And it’s red;

    Tiffany's pen

    – phone and charger: just a must-have these days;

    – small pad: I mainly take notes on my phone but hey, an interpreter always has a pad;

    – basic makeup: namely, blush (Orgasm, NARS; Burberry lipstick, in Military red; Glossimer, Chanel; nail file; concealer, Clé de Peau in Ivory; pressed powder, Becca in Porcelain);

    – laptop: my 11’ trusted Mac Air;

    – purse / small bag to use as a stand-alone item: these days I’m in love with this red Mulberry. Especially when you’re out on events, it is handy to have a smaller purse to ditch the tote and keep the essential there;

    red mulberry

    – painkillers / tissues / hayfever tablets

    – headphones. Mine are from Bose (a good investment I made in 2012 and loving them) but the options are plenty for every budget;

    – hand cream: having a tendency to dry skin on hands and body, I carry Chanel hand cream with me most of the time. Still, as it’s bigger than the travel-sized versions, I may resort to smaller size, like Nivea’s tiny tubes;

    – small bottle of water / umbrella if the weather is nasty;

    – pashmina: my latest purchase is a grey-ish number from Club Monaco

    Anything I should add to my must-haves?

    What do YOU have in your carry-on or purse?