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12th November 2015

    Beauty Style The Coffee Table

    The Coffee Table: 5 (video) questions with Maria Pia

    12th November 2015

    This week, #TCT features someone I recently met after a long “platonic relationship” on Twitter and oh boy, she did match the expectations! She is based in Luxembourg, is a restless fashionista and a positive shiny person. Here’s the fabulous Maria Pia Montoro – to know more about her, check her profile.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.02.38

    5 minutes, 5 questions with Maria Pia

    Watch her rock them in the video she recorded for us:

    For you, freelancing in style is…

    Your essential item is…

    Your poison is…

    Summarise your life and style in 3 keywords.

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