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23rd December 2017

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    Dreams are dreams: my TSF Xmas Wish List

    23rd December 2017

    I have been torn for a few days now. I thought: should I share my personal wishlist or just skip to after Xmas and talk about the year in review as usual? As I sat down to write this, I realised once again that I have everything I already can desire and more:

    – a loving, caring family
    – a life companion, whom I couldn’t live without
    – some amazing friends (you know who you are!)
    – I’m healthy (odd cold aside, I am)
    – I’ve got a roof over my head & a city I call home
    – an education that I was so fortunate to get
    – a career I love and nurture every day
    – my voice as a woman and my liberty

    Tough call: honestly, despite the ups and downs – that I’ll discuss in my classic A Year in Review post – I’m beyond happy for what I am blessed with just as it is. Life is made of ups and downs and well – it’s a rollecoaster we all have been on board.
    But back to the wishlist. Now: even if se wishes do remain wishes – or dreams, why not share them? Here my very limited, rather ambitious wishlist. Because hey: this girl can dream and is on fire 🔥

    Happy Holidays, and keep dreaming!

    • Chanel bag in beige
    • Belkin wireless charging pad
    • Made velvet chair
    • a home in Pimlico
    • Dyson hairdryer
    • a holiday in Mauritius
    • a classic Burberry Trench in honey
    • a Louis Vuitton hand luggage suitcase