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#HowToSpendItwithTSF – no. 1

15th January 2018

I’ve had you wait too long – I know. And it’s already mid-January! So without further ado… I’ll go straight to the point. My first #HowToSpendItWithTSF is all about a present that really has the wow factor without the hefty price tag – and stays within budget.

This question is from Maria:

– My budget is £100. 

– Female friend.

– She is very business-focused and doesn’t do girlie.

– 30-something and it’s a birthday present.

Help! What can I get?

Did you know that Tiffany’s is a girl’s best friend? But it does not have to be jewellery. I am in love with Tiffany’s pens – and think about where you can go if you add a notebook or a diary to it. Classy and smart, within budget! They come in a range of options starting at £80 and up. Mine is silver and I got it customised with my initials.

Buy yours on Tiffany’s page.

Do you have a budget and still wish to impress? Send me your queries! 

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  • Reply Nathalie Reis 15th January 2018 at 6:13 pm

    I have a Tiffany pen too, Val, but yours is particularly pretty. My husband gave it to me over 15 years ago and I cherish it.

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