Day 20: #tsfchallenge on 🔥

31st July 2018


—-> Day 20: #tsfchallenge is ON ☀️

I’ve been giving myself a little less than two months to get back into a routine of fitness. Any freelancer should seriously start considering the benefits – and I can guarantee that I’m not talking crazy diets or exaggerated exercise routines. Just a little movement on a regular basis will make you feel better and more energised.

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If you follow me, you’d know I’ve been doing this on and off various times – sometimes more, sometimes less successfully. My plan this time has started around the 10th of July. As I’m spending the summer in SF, and we have a in-house gym in our building, I’ve been going almost everyday since day 2 or 3. I’d say the first 20 days were instructive. I have

  • regained drive
  • lost most bloating due to the heatwave
  • gained familiarity with my new gym
  • established the time I spend there, around 40-45 minutes per workout
  • educated my muscles to get used to the gym again. 💪🏻

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Now, 1 August, the fun part begins.

I have given myself until the end of the month to get some visible results. Ideally I’d like to

  •  get leaner and more toned
  • feel fitter and more energised
  • get to a lower body fat (but this is not a must-do).

I’m not at all concerned about weight or scales – I haven’t been for a while now and you shouldn’t either but to give you an idea, I’m a 4-5kg heavier than I was 2 years ago and perfectly healthy either way.

And you? What do you say? Are you in?

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