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Most of the times we just hold back (aka: as real as I hoped I would be)

28th May 2017

April and May were dense. I’ve been planning new things for my business while working very hard so some of the achievements I set myself to tick off my list didn’t go through e.g. my trainer’s challenge to get fitter in 3 months or writing THAT book I’ve got in the pipeline… (#staytuned #TSFtheBook)

Yet, I’ve visited Malta (first time!) and got to know some super women during an interesting experience with motivational blogger and influencer Veronica Benini aka @spora – also Stiletto coach @ her Stiletto Academy. Her coaching long weekend brought us to Gozo: there I’ve taken amazing photos, laughed terribly hard with newly found friends and also realised something very primordial:

most of the times we just hold back

We hold back on who we are and what we can do. So the lesson of this adventure little trip – rich in challenges like packing super light, climbing up a hill, zipline our way to the other end of the cliff and even gym stretching on a ferry – is that you can do anything. Really. Just be yourself, be kind and listen: there’s always something to learn from others. Yeah – you may say: ‘this is no rocket science, girl’.

And yet, yes, it’s ever so hard to recognize how real this is. I’m so glad for this trip because it confirmed what I thought was the way. And I would like to say thank you Veronica, Violeta and Daniela for the hospitality and for the great idea and stimulating experience (and location!). Find out all the info on Veronica’s future events.

Last but not least: also a big cheer for the superwomen, superbomb, super clever humans who shared this trip with me. I’ve taken away some wonderful memories of laughters, fire-making, selfie-taking and and secret-sharing shenanigans together… and I can’t say loud enough how humbled I am by your kind words about me. One of the main things that I always want my social media to get through to people as a message is that I’m on SM really just as I am IRL – apparently, I can make you laugh harder in person 🙂 or so they say.

So thank you for being real, girls. For telling me I am indeed as real as I thought I was, for making me feel even more real after that. And for appreciating me just as I am. 🔝  #youknowwhoyouare

I hope you enjoy my photos!

D  E T A I L S

Wearing LuluLemon and Nike most of the time.

Custom hat from New Era.

One piece: Jack Wills. Bikini: Agent Provocateur.

Glasses: Rayban Wayfarer.

Puff Jacket: UniqLo.

Location: Gozo and Malta.


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