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#AskTSF: How to choose the appropriate attire?

1st December 2015

Today I answer a question from Alina, who is also an interpreter and wants to know more on how to choose the most appropriate outfit for an event.  Appropriate attire is key, especially at events you’re working / clients you’re meeting for the very first time.

As I like saying, you cannot give a good second first impression, can you? 

As a general rule, I recommend you do your homework but it all comes down to 3 questions:

  • where?
  • what?
  • when?

Where – country, weather, location, venue. Choosing an outfit for a London job is one thing, packing to go away for 3 days is another, let alone when it’s in another country or climate. Identify that and go along. Last week I was in Zurich, working for a corporate event in the booth, and the venue was a hotel and I wore a long skirtYet, there was a side visit to a plant, so I had to quickly change into flats!





What – read: type of event. Once I had to interpret for a Minister. It was fall, and daytime so I opted for a classic lounge suit dress in ecru. On a recent job for hairdressers, I wanted to fit in: the vibe was Seventies, so I wore an appropriate style.

When – or rather am or pm, and for how long? An evening dinner requires a suitable attire, possibly more formal (always check the dress code on the invitation). Never forget the duration: I always want to know if we are going to be walking, or standing or if the event is very long s I can choose how comfortable I want to be in my outfit and what shoes to wear (and of course, if I need a big bag or to change into flats at some point).

Just work out these 3 Ws and go from there!

My latest event was tonight, and it was a lovely lounge suit reception / Xmas networking held at Lancaster House. I wore this cocktail dress with black sequins by Marchesa Notte.



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